Ever felt like you’ve missed the point of Christmas? So have we. In 2009, we started a new Christmas tradition at North Point. We joined other churches around the country in an experiment called Advent Conspiracy. The idea was simple… take the amount of money we would normally spend on Christmas, cut it in half, and make that our budget for the holiday. Then, take the other half and give it away.

What happened was pretty amazing. When we spent 50% less on ourselves, we still had just as good of a Christmas. And that money we gave away? It went to those who really need it.

2015 was an extraordinary year for Advent Conspiracy at North Point. Our goal was $25,000… and we ended the year with over $40,000! That extra money allowed us to partner with even more people and organizations that are doing some amazing things for the kingdom.

Seven years and $165,000 later, we’ve learned a really basic lesson: when our hearts and actions are connected, God does some pretty amazing things.